Driving Habits that may affect Fuel efficiency

American Trucks : February 24, 2015 10:45 pm : News


Improved driving habits may save on Fuel.
See 10 Tips below to see if your habits help or hurt your fuel consumption.

1. No Idling.
If your rig remains parked for a short period of time, take the opportunity to turn off your engine. Reduce the time you spend at idle.

2. Watch your speed.
Aerodynamic drag is increased with speed, causing your engine to consume more fuel. A 7mph reduction in speed could decrease fuel consumption by up to 20%.

3. Improve your Clutch Skills.
The faster you shift into gear, the more fuel you save. You will see an increase in performance with improved clutch control and fewer gear changes.

4. Smooth Acceleration.
Combine gentle shifts of lower gears with rapid shifts in high gears to reach smooth acceleration.

5. Warm It Up.
For temperatures below freezing (0 degrees C or less than 32degrees F), turn on your engine and let it warm up for 3-5 minutes.

6. Braking too much?
Choppy driving from hitting the brakes to often can lead to the over consumption of fuel. Anticipate road conditions and don’t tailgate.

7. When to use A/C if no APU.
Keep the air conditioning on when driving high speeds, but roll window down and turn off for low speeds. Fuel consumption can be reduced this way by up to 10%.

8. Keep Tire Pressure in Check.
Low tire pressure increases drag and in return wastes fuel. Keep your tires pumped up to fill the reccomended PSI.

9. Load Adjustment
Arrange the load as low as possible and as close to the cab as possible. This will minimize drag.

10. Maintain DOT
Conducting a thorough pretrip inspection is your best defense against potential setbacks. Maintaining a steady inspection routine will ensure your rig is giving you its top performance for fuel efficiency.

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Watch out for Buck!

American Trucks : December 3, 2014 10:44 pm : News

Don’t Test Your Luck, Watch Out For Buck!

Tips and Tricks to help avoid deer collision:

  1. Be particularly alert during mating season. More than half of the crashes happen when deer are mating, and in May and June during the birthing season.
  2. Be vigilant at dusk and at dawn. A high percentage of crashes occur during the low-light or dark hours of the day when deer move between daytime bedding sites and evening feeding areas.
  3. Slow down and scan the sides of the road and ditches for animals when driving through forested lands or near river and stream banks.
  4. Drive defensively and expect the unexpected. If you see a deer near the road, slow down because it might dart in front of you. And, if there is one deer, there may be more nearby.
  5. Don’t swerve. While it may seem like the right thing to do, swerving to avoid a deer could cause you to lose control or travel into the path of another vehicle. Striking a deer is safer than colliding with another vehicle or a tree.
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Professionals Do Pretrips

American Trucks : November 4, 2014 5:29 pm : News


At American Truck Group, LLC the value of a pretrip inspection has proven to save our clients time and money. Your semi has equipment that is not standard on most other vehicles, requiring additional maintenance steps. Because you accumulate more miles than most other vehicles on the roads, maintenance must be performed more often. Staying on top of this is your first line of defense against mechanical failures. Before any haul, every driver should perform this 30 minute inspection to ensure the safety of their rig on the road as well as protect others that share the road.

Finding a leak or low tire before it becomes a problem can be the difference between a major expense or a minor fix. Professionals don’t let small problems turn into big ones that are hard to manage.


Get out and Look! Snag a copy of our pretrip checklist and check your rig’s many systems for proper function and check moving parts for wear and tear.

Verify oil and coolant levels are full, drain air brake tank, check tires for wear, inspect glass for cracks, check brakes pressurization, confirm all lights are working and much more. It is a drivers responsibility to ensure the truck receives regularly scheduled maintenance and records of maintenance should be kept.

Even when trucks are well maintained and inspected on a routine basis, it is not uncommon for breakdowns to happen or require service. This is why we provide protection plans for our program clients.

Our shops at American Truck Group, LLC are dedicated to our customers only. Approved repairs may be performed at our Gulf Coast location, our Atlanta location or locally at our Phoenix location.


Our Phoenix shop is our first climate controlled garage for friendly customer service. Because we don’t take outside work, our mechanics are on a more personal level with our customers than your average diesel garage. Their attitude is to help maintain your business and get you back on the road making money. The in-door facility provides for temperature control and uninterrupted workflow.


This is a great addition to our business as our commitment to customer service continues. Our Phoenix shop is in the Mesa city limits located off the 202 loop GO TO MAP. Our Atlanta Shop is located off I85 GO TO MAP and our Gulfport shop is located off I10 GO TO MAP.

Like any professional driver will tell you, keeping a routine for pretrip inspections and being proactive about service and repairs will determine your success as an owner-operator.

Read more on pretrip procedure for professionals HERE.

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What an unlimited mileage warranty means to us

American Trucks : September 19, 2014 6:25 pm : News


Offering our program customers an unlimited mileage warranty can be quite a challenge.

This is why we only choose mechanics that are rated at the top of their field. With locations and a trusted shop network, we are there for our customers across the nation!

Our mechanic shops do not take outside work. We are committed to getting our customer’s trucks in and out of the shops for service as quick as possible. At American Truck Group, LLC, we know if your wheels ain’t turnin’, you ain’t earnin’!


Learn more about our dedication to maintenance here: Rods & Mains Inspection

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Certified Mechanic Opens C-15 Engine

American Trucks : July 29, 2014 9:59 pm : News

Our certified mechanic from the Gulf Coast takes us inside a Caterpillar engine while he replaces the rods and mains.

He checks for scarring, heat marks and sludge, indicators of excessive blowby. When replacing the rods and mains, checking for these issues prevents a small problem from turning into a bigger problem. Mechanic installs new main bearings and main caps.

Rods & Mains Part I

Rods & Mains Part II

This is just one of the many things we check for here at American Truck Group, LLC.

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Hello Phoenix!

American Trucks : May 5, 2014 1:57 pm : News

Our commitment to customer service continues as we will soon provide another location to serve you. At our Dealership in Phoenix, Arizona, we are still putting on the finishing touches.


Our 48 month limited warranty available gives you peace of mind as you cross the US.


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